My wife is women with a extremely strong character, with a nice reputation, and so innocent women. During the time until my friend masseur massaged my wife, I asked him whether he knows how to do erotic massage, then he was massaged her entire body including all erogenous zones, also her tits and pussy in a very nice and gentle way, and finally he fucked my horny wife in front of my eyes, good or not, it was very exciting. She was great irresistible, she didn’t resisted at all, neither she ever complained about it. I am happy she still stay for me faithful and reliable women. I am proud of her as a good, experienced and very skillfully lover.


It was my birthday. And it was a shitty birthday, too. I got bitched out at work by my stupid boss, spilled coffee all over my clothes, and had to listen to some screaming kid in the grocery store while I shopped. Needless to say, I wasn’t in the mood for partying. A few beers, some video games, and a good night’s sleep would have sufficed. But when I got home, my girlfriend had some other ideas. I pulled into the driveway, unlocked the door, and walked into the house to see her sitting on one of kitchen chairs. She was wearing only panties and a ribbon that tied up her wrists.

“Happy birthday,” she purred. I dropped the groceries on the floor and walked over to where she sat. She, herself, was the birthday present. She wore these light pink, cotton panties – my favorite. The ribbon matched. I have a weird affinity for light pink on women. It seems so innocent But the intentions behind her wearing it were not. She asked if I liked my present. I said of course. And asked if there were any specific instructions that came with it. She told me that she thought we could try anal for the first time. I’d been wanting to. She definitely was interested in it, but had always been afraid of it.

I carried her into the bedroom, laid her across the bed, fondled her perfect, round ass cheeks. I pressed my face in between them and breathed deeply. I’d always loved how she smelled, the mixture of soaked pussy and ass. She pushed her ass against my face more. I wouldn’t mind death by suffocation from her ass. I slowly licked the crevice of her ass, sliding one finger inside of the hole. My tongue traced the tight knot of muscle surrounding the hole. She moaned. My girlfriend was as into my birthday present as much as I was. Slowly, I slid two fingers inside, increasing the pressure. By this point, my cock was rock hard. As I ate her ass, I gripped it, tugging at it. It demanded attention, but I needed to savor the sweet ass I buried my face into.

Finally, I pulled the crotch of her moist panties aside, and teased her asshole with the head of my cock. First, I slipped just the tip inside. Her whole body tensed up a bit from the pressure. I waited for a few moments till she told me to go further. I slowly slid the rest of my cock inside, watching her asshole stretch, bit by bit, until it swallowed my dick whole. The hot, warm pressure and tightness that wrapped around my cock almost made me cum immediately. I gripped the pink ribbon that kept her wrists bound together. She lifted up her hips and moaned from a combination of pleasure and pain.

That was my favorite birthday surprise yet – taking my girlfriend’s anal virginity wrapped neatly with a ribbon.


My missus is full of surprises.

After a recently stressful day at work she proceeded to cheer me up by blowing me in the car. I was actually driving at the time but it was fine, the streets were basically empty and I was driving slow. I thought about pulling over but decided to just get home as soon as possible, the sooner I was home then the sooner I could fuck her.

She started teasing, just enough the make me smile; her hand brushing across my groin and massaging me through my pants. I grinned at her and scooted down so she could pop my button open. She took my cock out with a pretty smile on her face and then swallowed it down. She quickly got into a steady rhythm, lying low so anyone passing couldn’t see her.

After a few minutes I thought I was gonna bust a nut already so I sped up as I was just around the corner. As soon as we were in the driveway I was gripping her hair and thrusting into her
warm mouth. I couldn’t help myself. She moaned as I came in her mouth, and I did too. Wow, she really knows how to cheer me up.


It was about midnight, I was going home from clubbing when I saw a girl, about 17. Standing beside the road with a sad face, I asked her what’s the matter, she said that she was lost and wanted to go home. She told me her address, since her house is far from mine, I offered her to stay at my house for the night, she thanked me profusely.

She went into my house and sat on a couch, I asked her whether she wanted to have a hot cup of coffee, she said yes, and then we had a small chat, I don’t know what came to my mind but I felt horny sitting beside her. And that’s when she saw…. my cock. Standing up hard and tight, I usually don’t wear my boxers at home so it’s very obvious.

She asked me to lay down by the couch, and that’s when things get hot. She undressed herself, leaving her nothing but her panties. Her panties seemed to have some yellow stains and smells. I don’t mind that. She undressed me and we had a great time, I licked and sucked her wet and smelly pussy and later pinching and licking her big boobs and hard nipples, she moaned in pleasure and I did too. She then sucked my hard dick with her gorgeous mouth and lick it happily. Then we had a great sex, I put my dick into her smelly, wet, dripping pussy, we fucked hard and had a great time, she squirt for like 3 times when we fuck, the sensation of her smelly wet pussy was amazing, the next day we had sex for a while and then she left.

I’d got to say, her pussy in the morning tastes delicious, smelly and wet, makes my mouth go watering.


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