I was recently let go from my job, it wasn’t my fault, it was a staffing thing, I worked for a charity and the funding got cut. Anyway, I was desperate for a new job and I got an interview for an PA position for an editor. It would be a foot in for a good paid position in the future and they would give me a contract straight away.

There was one more girl who made it to the interview and she went into the office first, we chatted a lot while we waited and I knew I was fucked, qualifications wise we were pretty even, but she had more experience than me. I was bummed. But as I watched her walk in, I realized I had something she didn’t. She was very plain, whereas I’ve always been confident with my looks and petite, curvy body. I realized I would have to charm the pants off this man. Literally.

I was relieved when I finally walked in to find he was attractive and just a little older than me, I wouldn’t have been opposed to flirting otherwise, but this fell in my favor.

I put on a pretty smile and I showcased my talents, the interview was going well.

Towards the end the flirting was pretty mutual and he made it clear that something else was on the table. He placed a contract on the desk with my name on it and then nodded towards one of the couches in the room. I’m not stupid and the attraction between us was sizzling, I didn’t hesitate to unzip my dress and drop to my knees.

He was quick to get his shirt off and I was quick to get his pants down and his dick into my mouth. Now this I knew I was good at, I had always had an oral fixation and I got off on sucking cock, it made my pussy throb. His dick was already hard and I could barely fit my mouth around it, but I shoved it in, eager to please him as I sucked and tried to relax my throat.

I fantasized about him fucking me and he thrust his cock down my throat. My pussy was so wet that I was sure I was dripping on the couch.

He roughly pushed my off and shoved his fat cock into me with no warning and bare, I’d never had sex without a condom before and the sensation had me sobbing and coming around him as I felt every inch of him pound me.

Needless to say, I got the job and I have all the added benefits.


I’ve never been one for putting out on the first date, but I met this guy Mike at work, we clicked straight away and he invited me out for dinner. I was thrilled, it’s been a while since I went on a date and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I put my best dress and dolled myself up, I felt pretty confident that it would be a brilliant night.

None of it went as expected,but not in a bad way, it was because we didn’t even make it out my drive way! What started as an innocent kiss hello, quickly turned into something more. It wasn’t long before we were groping at each other and I found myself climbing into the back of the car. Yes, in my own drive.

I’d never felt anything like it, Mike’s hands were quickly and confidently all over me and I instantly felt my pussy soak my panties at what he was doing to me.

“Is this okay?” he kept asking, and paused a few times and I nodded enthusiastically, part of me worried about what he would think, letting him fuck me on the back seat when really didn’t even know each other so well. I thought I’d blew the date but I was past caring because it felt so good. I was eager to get his fat cock inside me; I was hungry for it. I should have been embarrassed but I didn’t care.

I ended up sitting on his dick at first, I pulled my dress up and sank down onto his swollen dick bare. He was by far the biggest cock I had ever taken and I thought I was gonna come right there with him hardly touching me. I was out of control, I bounced on his dick until I came all over him and then I selfishly rode my orgasm until I squirted my juices all over his dick.

It was the final straw, after that he pulled my dress off, grabbed me by the hair and flipped us so he was on top and I was lying down. He fucked me hard and selfishly and it was exactly what I needed, I thought he was going to split me in two with his dick but I loved every second of it and spurred him on. He came deep inside my pussy and I cried out at the feeling of it.

It was a little awkward for the next few seconds as we dressed in the back seat, I wasn’t sure if I should just go back inside my house and make it easy on him by not making him kick me out the car.

To my surprise he grinned like a madman as he climbed into the front and then asked me where I wanted to go. We had missed out dinner reservations. I told him he didn’t have to take me out if he didn’t want to but he said, “After that, I’ll take you anywhere!” We ended up going to a diner and had a lovely date. Afterwards I invited him inside and he fucked me in almost every room, I was limping by the time he left.

We’re going on a date again next week; his only request is that we make it to the bed next time!


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First Orgasm

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I’ve been reading a lot of first time stories on here so I thought I would share one of my own “first” memories, I’m quite fond of it.

I was always really sheltered and very innocent; I grew up within an honest, Christian neighborhood. So when I went to college it was a huge shock to see how sexually mature and experienced everyone else was. They didn’t falter when talking about casual sex. It baffled me and made me more than a little curious to what I was missing out on. I was too shy to admit I was a virgin and I had no idea about half the things they talked about.

I had moved into an all girl house that was on campus, I didn’t have any sisters so it was hard to adjust to living with so many women but I somehow managed. There was always an argument and the house practically reeked of hormones, none of the girls were shy when talking about masturbation, I just nodded along and hoped they couldn’t tell that I had never even touched myself.

It was a few months in before I found myself home alone, there was always coming or going. I decided to go for a nice long bath, it wasn’t often you could bathe without someone banging on the door. I enjoyed my soak and then tidied the bathroom before I left. I picked up a few of my friend’s towels and dropped them into the hamper; I rolled my eyes at how messy they were. I was shocked to find a bright purple vibrator on the floor under one of the towels. I slowly picked it up; I was curious to who it could belong to. I thought I should be more embarrassed, but maybe the months before that happened had somehow made me more comfortable with sex than I realized.

I quickly shoved it in my toiletries bag and then ran to my room and locked the door. I felt wrong to steal it but I remember being so excited. The vibrator was about 6 inches long and slender, I pressed one of the buttons and it buzzed to life. I panicked and turned it off. I thought about taking it back to the bathroom, it would be easy to pretend that I had never took it, I could throw it on the floor and no one would be any wiser. Instead, I shoved it under my pillow and tried to forget about it.

It was some time before I was alone in the house again, but as soon as I realized there was no one else there I found myself bolting up the stairs with the full intention of fucking myself. I locked my door and lay back on my bed. I slipped the vibrator under my skirt and pressed it against the material covering my pussy. I clicked it on.

I had never felt anything so euphoric. I’d been thinking about doing this since I had stolen it, but it wasn’t what I expected and nothing could have prepared me for it. My pussy was instantly aching for more, as a pleasant sensation flooded me. I felt myself soak my panties and I was encouraged, I roughly rubbed the vibrator against my clit and moaned loudly as I was assaulted by feelings I had never thought possible.

The vibrator glided smoothly between my slick folds and my hole fluttered and ached to be filled. I’d never touched myself there before yet somehow I followed a crazed instinct, I pulled my panties aside and fucked my sopping wet pussy. I sobbed in relief. I had no idea why I had never done this before.

I was in heaven, my skin was alive from the vibrations and I was powerless to stop the sensations running through me. It was like an explosion of pleasure between my thighs. I couldn’t stop the scream that burst from my lips.

By the time I broke out of my orgasmic haze, I realized I was lying with my thighs and pussy twitching and my bed sheets soaked.


A Stressed Housewife

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I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it, you see, I’ve developed a recent obsession with my window cleaner. It started as an accident. I was grabbing an afternoon shower a few weeks ago while the kids napped, and accidently flashed the window cleaner. He flushed in embarrassment and politely averted his eyes, but I could tell he was interested.

I’m married but my husband is always away on business trips, he’s in Hong Kong more often than he’s home. I’ve been bored since the twins were born and I get no time to unwind, these days my afternoons are like gold dust. It had been a long time since I’d felt any kind of sexual thrill and as I gripped my towel, instead of being embarrassed, I found myself excited. This guy was young, there was maybe a ten year age gap between us, and he was so handsome. He stood in tight jeans, blissfully shirtless as he quickly cleaned the windows. In a way I wished he would slow down and stay a little longer.

The first time it really was an accident, but I can’t say that for every time.

Every week I found myself in that kitchen with an excuse to flirt with the window cleaner. At first it started off with another towel incident, but I gradually got bolder as he stopped blushing and started staring. It started to quickly get out of hand, before I realized it, I was bending over my kitchen table with my shorts around my thighs.

There’s nothing more thrilling than feeling his eyes all over me. It’s like I’m in a day dream as I bend over and show him how I fuck myself. It’s the best stress relief I’ve ever had, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon.