I work at a movie theater. One day, this incredible stud of a man walked in and started flirting with me while I cleaned the theater. He showed off his wash-board set of abs and blue eyes that looked as though they held the universe. He smelled incredible. Like he’d been working out but with a hint of sexy cologne. He told me I had a nice body. I said I was surprised he could tell, since my uniform fit me like a bag. He grinned, and said he’d fuck me anyway. The whole point was to get the clothes off right? As I moved on to clean the next theater, he asked me for my number. Of course, I gave to him. My pussy got wet just from talking to him, and the sexual tension built up within a grand total of ten minutes.

The other day, just before I went to work, he texted to let me know he’d be seeing a film alone that day. He hoped he’d get to see me. I’d made up my mind he’d get to see an unprofessional amount of me. Underneath my uniform, I wore some sexy, black panties and a black bra with fishnet stockings. He arrived for a nighttime show. And just my luck, it wasn’t even busy.

I slipped him into the projection booth. The booth is always dark with the flicker light of the projectors. And no one ever really goes in there. He stated he’d never been in a projector booth before. I told him I’d never been fucked at work before. I stripped to my underwear, and his jaw dropped. This guy wanted my ass. He wanted to touch. He got down on his knees, grabbed my thighs, and pulled me close so he could smell my pussy. He breathed in deep. His desperation and intensity really turned me on. My pussy was dripping in no time. Seeing his cock push against his jeans didn’t help my situation much. I wanted – no – needed him to touch me.

I lead him over to the work desk, and sat on it. He leaned into my body, shoving his hand into my panties. His finger slid easily over my clit and the folds around my pussy. Unzipping his pants, I massaged the thick length of his cock between my fingers. And, oh fuck, he moaned from my touch, bucking his hips back and forth like he was losing control. “Take off your clothes,” I purred. “Or I’ll kick you out of the theater.” A stellar, sexy grin spread across his face. He understood my urges, and reciprocated them. He got on his knees again, pulled the crotch of my panties to the side, and licked my clit with the tip of his tongue. This guy was teasing me. My appetite for him grew.

Once he was finished tasting my juices, he stood back up. Every hot, throbbing inch of his cock slid inside of my pussy. My insides melted. I mean, I’m serious when I say this guy scalded me in the best way. He was so thick, I had to take a minute to get used to how much my pussy had to stretch. He gently pressed a finger into my clit, moving it up and down slightly. This guy knew how to push all of my buttons just right. After sliding his entire cock in and out of me repeatedly, and I mean from tip to hilt, I couldn’t hold back. I had to fucking cum.

I hope he lets me know every time he sees a movie.

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