My best friend and I planned a trip to the mall together. We hit up all the hottest stores, and our last stop was Victoria’s Secret. We had some extra cash leftover from payday so we both indulged in buying some sexy underwear. We thought about planning a night out on the town, going to clubs, having some drinks, flirting with some cute guys. But a massive downpour of rain and thunder ruined that for us. Who wants to go out and get pretty when the rain will ruin your hair and makeup anyway? I was disappointed.

But my bestie? She had some ideas of her own. “Who says we have to go out to have fun? Let’s just get pretty for ourselves and stay in tonight. We can model our new underwear for each other.” This was the second best idea, so we bought some wine, headed home, and did each other’s makeup. It was like we were teenagers all over again. We separated our underwear sets, taking sips of wine as we giggled. Her bedroom became our runway. We’d change in the bathroom and walk into the room as we modeled.

So, my bestie modeled all of her outfits, me ranking them on a scale of one to ten. I enjoyed the alluring curves of her body as she strutted around. I hadn’t seen her look this good before. As she modeled, I began fantasizing about things I’d like to do to her, like taste her pussy or suck on her nipples. Or just make out with her. When it was my turn to model, I walked into the bedroom. She grabbed me by my waste and pulled me down on top of her on the bed. “I’ve noticed the way you look at me,” she purred, fingertips tracing my curves. She pulled my face closer to hers, kissing me gently and teasingly. Her tongue traced the fullness of my lower lip before delving into my mouth. Our tongues slide across one another. “I can do that same thing to your pussy,” she whispered tauntingly. She pushed me onto my back, pulling my thighs apart as she left a trail of wet kisses along the rounds of my tits and my flat stomach. Her shiny hair fell over her face. The panties she wore made the rounds of her ass cheeks look amazing.

She tugged at the hem of my panties. “Fuck, these look so good on you, I don’t want to take them off. But I do want what’s under them,” she said. “Then take it,” I replied. She jerked them off of my hips and thighs, glancing up at me before teasing my pussy with her lips. She gently tugged at my labia and clit with her lips before running her tongue around in figure eights. It glided smoothly across my cunt, which had urgent currents of electricity sizzling through each nerve ending. She suckled on the aching, throbbing flesh, soothing it with her lips, coaxing me into cumming. My hips bucked up and down uncontrollably from the pleasure.

She sat back up, rolling over onto her back. “Now, it’s your turn to make my teenaged dream come true,” she said softly. I was more than happy to oblige.


I recently got a new roommate – a girl. This was a new thing for me. I’ve always enjoyed my single life, so I’ve never really gotten involved enough with a girl to live with her. Even though the new roommate wasn’t my girlfriend, I was nervous about how things would go. You know, typically girls can get pissed about the stupidest shit. Like if you leave the toilet seat up. Or if you leave some stubble in the sink after you shave your face. But with this girl, there was more than meets the eye. She stayed in her room for the most part to start with, only coming out to shower or eat or go to work. We hardly said a word to each other. Better than I expected.

One night, I stayed awake in the living room. I watched porn on my HD television. My roommate had gone out with some friends, so I had the whole place to myself. But, much to my surprise, she came back suddenly. On the screen was a man getting his cock sucked. This girl was deep throating his massive dick. Shit. How embarrassing, right? But she came in, stood behind me, and watched for a few moments in silence. “You know I can do that, too, right?” she finally asked. That was the most she said to me since she moved in. “Oh, really?” I asked. “Weren’t you going out tonight or something?” She replied that she’d forgotten her phone. But that she’d also be happy to demonstrate her dick-sucking skills.

What man in his right mind will say no to an offer like that? Especially coming from a sexy woman with a cute freckled face? I pulled down my pants and let my cock stand erect. She knelt down, looking up at me boldly. She held eye contact as she began taking my full length in her mouth. My cock began sliding down her throat, the edge of her teeth teasing the shaft. Not like some girls, who bare down too hard and make it hurt. Just enough to make me go a little crazy. She pulled away for a moment. “Fuck my face. Go ahead.” She almost seemed to be daring me. I wrapped my hand around her throat so I could feel my cock open it up. Then, I began bucking my hips back and forth, enjoying the warmth and wetness of her mouth. Her tongue covered the bottom side of my cock and her hands gently massaged my balls.

I released my load into her mouth as she licked the tip, circling her tongue around the bulb of the head. Fuck, I’d had great blowjobs before, but this one was tops. She even swallowed my load, savoring the flavor of my cum. “You taste good.” She stood up, walked into the bathroom to clean her face, and grabbed her phone. “See you around, champ,” she said playfully. Best.


I had always thought I was straight. As in, I always thought I only liked pussy. Then again, I’d never tried batting for the other team. But I’d also never had the chance to. One day, at the gym, this guy was lifting weights. He had his shirt off. I could see each and every defined muscle ripple with each movement. I got caught in the moment, staring at him. That is, until he noticed me. He dropped his weight. “Like what you see?” he asked, a wicked grin crossing his face. “Huh?” I asked, still in a stupor. “You’re basically drooling, my friend,” he replied.

I quickly got back to my workout session, glancing away. But the bulge beneath my gym shorts was a little too obvious for my comfort. I hit the shower room to take a cold shower and calm myself down. I had to admit, I was embarrassed by my reaction. I’d never gotten a hard-on in public, let alone because of some guy working out. As I prepared to undress, I got the sense that I wasn’t alone. “What are you running from?” asked a voice from the other end of the room. There was that same guy, leaning against the wall. He seemed to be checking me out.

“Those washboard abs, bro,” I replied jokingly. He began to walk toward me. This wasn’t helping my erection situation. I got the sense that he approved. His eyes were glued to my crotch. “Taking a shower, huh? Mind if I join you?” he asked. I wasn’t sure how I should answer. Part of me wanted to, but the other part reminded me that I’m supposed to be straight. But, hell, I’ll try anything once, right? “If you’re sure you can handle all this cock,” I finally replied. “Well, I’m usually a top, but bottom’s nice too.” We went into the shower together. I peeled off my clothes. I turned the water on scalding hot as he bent over. He had a nice ass. I rammed my raging hard-on into his asshole – which was tight. So tight, I cried out. I ran my thumb around the rim of his asshole, causing him to tighten up even more. He moaned indulgently. “You feel bigger than you look. And you already look massive,” he purred. As I pumped my hips back and forth, sliding my aching cock in and out of his asshole, I ran my hands along the incredible ropes of muscle that twisted around his body – including his washboard abs.

He stood up a bit to jerk his own dick off as I humped him, my thrusts becoming more and more forceful with each move. I pushed his hand away from his dick, and wrapped my own fingers around it. I squeezed his cock the way his asshole squeezed mine. The thick, hot length throbbed in my palm. Each vein pulsed with blood. He came before I did, but told me to finish. He said he liked it when jizz got spilled inside of him. So I did. I let my full stream of cum fill him up, oozing out as my cock remained inside. I understand why girls like muscled men, now. First hand, I get it, ladies. And I don’t blame you. No homo.


I once had a summer fling with this girl. She was only going to be in town for the summer, some kind of class she was taking for college. Anyway, we basically hooked up at a bar one night, and decided to become friends with benefits until she had to go back home. So, the time came for her to leave. Summer was drawing to a close. She texted me the day before she left to say that she had a little parting gift for me. After work, I went over to her apartment. I knocked, but she didn’t come to the door. Instead, she texted me to come inside, that the door was unlocked. I walked inside. A trail of panties littered the floor. Panties of all colors and styles. I picked them up as I followed the trail, which led to her bedroom.

She was perched on her bed, wearing nothing but a pair of white, cotton panties. “The ones in the trail are for you. But this pair is for me.” She winked and patted a space next to her. I sat next to her, admiring her pretty breasts. She leaned in, kissed me deeply, and pulled me on top of her. I fiddled with the hem of these pure white panties, but she pushed my hand away. “Not yet,” she whispered enticingly. She grabbed at my cock through the fabric of my jeans, pulling gently. Every inch of my body tingled with aching anticipation as our kisses became deep, complex delves of the tongue. Our saliva mixed together so we could taste each other one last time. She dug my cock out of the confines of my clothes and thumped it against her crotch teasingly. A small wet spot had formed on the white cloth.

She pulled the crotch of her panties aside and mounted me, sliding my full length inside of her. Her body moved up and down in gentle bounces. Then, she’d alternate into grinding so my cock rubbed up against the walls of her warm, tight pussy. As she got closer to cumming, her cunt squeezed around my throbbing dick, clutching it in place. I could feel the pressure building toward the head of it, as my own climax became more and more difficult to contain.

Finally, her insides squeezed me so tightly, that I couldn’t help but release. I hadn’t wanted her to get panties messed up, but I also couldn’t contain my desire any longer. I came hard and fast, letting out a deep, guttural moan as I did. She looked at me, her eyes glimmer with pleasure. “Sorry,” I said gruffly. “I didn’t mean to jizz in these panties.” She laughed, playfully kissing my lips. “That’s what I wanted. I wanted something remember you buy. I bought them for this occasion.” She peeled them off, the mixture of our juices soaking the white cotton crotch of them. “The rest of them are yours. Some of them, I’ve worn… and not washed.” She winked. This was quite possibly the sexiest, dirtiest parting gift I’ve ever received.