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Candid Camera

On October 25, 2013, in Dirty Little Secrets, Erotica Stories, Readers Own Stories, by Beatrix Kix

It’s like, smile, you’re on candid camera!

I’m at my usual spot on a Wednesday night, karaoke, usual crowd. I’ve had a few and I’m at the
bar when this girl who I’ve never seen before walks up and starts talking to me. First of all, that
never happens to me. Hot girls don’t just walk up to me and start talking and then keep on talking
to me. Usually I’m the initiator, but not this time. Secondly, there’s instant chemical attraction, I
mean, she starts talking and the blood starts rushing to the vital organs. Or at least the most
vital organ.

Her name is Melody, tall, blonde, 23 years old, hairdresser, Miss Independent, the whole nine
yards. She’s touching me, I’ve got her laughing, and then it’s my turn to sing, and stupid me, I
leave her at the bar to go sing. I try to keep an eye on her while I’m singing, but it’s no use, and
when I’m done, she’s nowhere to be found. I have a couple more drinks, go home, pull one off
for her, and pass out.

Couple days later, it’s Friday and I’m at the same spot, and Miss Melody Independent walks in,
comes right up to me and says, “It’s you!” and buys me a drink. Immediately she starts touching
me and before I know it the blood is racing and we’re making out at the bar. We have a few
more drinks, make out a whole lot more, and my buddy behind the bar starts looking at me like
me and Melody are getting too hot and heavy to be in public, so I ask Melody if she wants to go
for a ride and she says yes.

I drive us out on some back roads, park the car next to some abandoned buildings, and we start
going at it. First we’re in the front seat. I’ve got her naked and moaning in under a minute. Then
we’re in the backseat. She’s riding me, and I’m still half dressed. She cums four times. And
she’s a squirter. My shirt is drenched, my seats are drenched, everything is drenched in
Melody’s pussy juice. And she’s loving it, every minute.

We finish up, she gets dressed, and we’re smoking and talking, when a cop pulls up behind us.
I’m like, oh great. He makes me get out and do all the standard drunk tests. Walk the line, say
the alphabet backwards, touch your nose, the whole nine yards. All the while Melody is laughing
at me, or doing her best trying not to laugh. I’m out there for half an hour doing these tests with
my clothes soaked in pussy juice. Finally the cop tells me that the squad car is outfitted with a
camera, and I’m being recorded. Then he turns to the camera and says, “Just for the record,
that smell isn’t booze. This man is covered in pussy juice.”

Then he let us go. Me and Melody sit there laughing for about twenty minutes. It’s like, smile,
you’re on candid camera!