The Baby Sitter

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One night I was reading a book and feeling a bit hot due to the temperature, so I unbuttoned my dress to undress myself and I wrapped a wet thin cloth around myself. Half of my tits were visible.

That time my mother and father were out of town, so I was home alone, then suddenly the door opened and a man came inside the house (I forgot to lock the door). The man looked at me and asked me where my father was, because he was looking for him. I told him that my father is out of town, and that he will come back after 10 days. The man replied by telling me that he will take care of me in the meanwhile.
I replied telling him; okey, because he was kind of good looking.
I wanted to see if he was in to me by trying to turn him on, so I took off the towel infront of a mirror, and in the reflection he saw my breasts. Then I asked him to take my towel so that I can wear a bra and panty.

After that I made some tea, and while walking to him I pretended to hit my foot somewhere and fall down infront of him with the tea, but he grabbed my arms tightly before I could fall and asked me “you want to have sex, right?” I replied with “okey”, then he replied with “what’s okey? I am not your fathers friend, I am actually here because I saw that you were home alone”.
He then put his hand in my bra and he ripped the bra off, he took my panty off and dragged me towards the bed. He lay on top of me penetrating my pussy and licking my breasts.

He then left once he was done, and visited me the following days to come until my parents came back.


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