I kissed Marla. She squeezed my hand then dropped it, and put her hands around my waist. As
we kissed, she moved her hands up my back, massaging my muscles. I moaned. “Would you
like a massage?” she asked.

“I would love one,” I said. “And afterwards I can do something to make you feel good.”

“Making you feel good makes me feel good,” she said. She took me by the hand and led me to a
black bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. There was no furniture in front of the fireplace, only
the rug in front of the fireplace, and two vases of rainbow roses, one on either side of the
fireplace. I sat on the rug and she turned on the fireplace. “It’s gas,” she said. “It keeps me
warm in the winter.”

Then she sat behind me and rubbed my shoulders. She kissed my neck. I turned my head and
she kissed my mouth. Her hands moved underneath my shirt. I watched her arms, one
tattooed with roses and one of smooth brown skin, disappear under my shirt as she massaged
my breasts. She pulled the shirt over my head and unhooked my bra. I took off my flats, and
she pulled the skirt and panties down over my legs.

She kissed my leg from the knee, up to the thigh, and then she kissed my hip and I moaned,
feeling electricity shooting throughout my body, centering in on my hot wet cunt. I held her
shoulders and kissed her mouth. “I want you naked too,” I said, and then I undressed her. I took
off her shirt. Underneath she wasn’t wearing anything. Her breasts were small and round, with
small dark nipples like chocolate candy. I kissed and sucked on her nipples. She ran her fingers
through my hair. I pulled off her pants and again, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, just a
nest of dark pubic hairs. I could smell her instantly, musky and mysterious and hot.

We sat facing each other. She climbed on top of me and smacked my ass. I yelped. “Do you
like to get spanked?” she asked, smiling. The roses entwined around her arm were the only
marks on her smooth brown body. She spanked me again.

“Yes, yes!” I screamed, then laughed.

“Why so funny?” she said. She stood up and walked to the fireplace. She picked a bouquet of
roses out of one of the vases and looked down at me. “Get on your knees,” she said.

I got on my knees, my ass poking at her. She rubbed it with one hand, then slapped, rubbed,
then slapped. Then I felt the softness of rose petals on my ass. She slapped my ass with the
rose petals, softly at first, then harder. I felt the sting of the thorns on my ass and the softness of
petals on my back. Petals rained down over me as they broke free of the flowers. I looked back
over my shoulder. “Are you going to fuck me?” I said.

She put the flowers down, put her hands on me, and turned me over onto my back. “I want to
taste you too,” I said.

She straddled my face and put her mouth on my cunt. I licked her sweet juices and rubbed and
nuzzled my face into her cunt. I could feel the heat from the fireplace and the smell the her
musk. I was lost inside her and I felt ecstatic. We came at the same time, and I drank her juices
and lapped her pussy lips to get every last drop.

Afterwards we sat on the bearskin rug and talked. We made a plan for me to come back over in
a few days when the roses would be colored. We talked about having dinner together, maybe
even braving the dive bar downstairs, which she had not been to either. We got dressed and I
left, excited to see her again. That was a few weeks ago now, and I still haven’t called her. She
sent me a message the day after to say she was thinking about me, and then again a week later
to say she finally visited the dive bar and that it wasn’t so bad after all. She said it was kind of fun
and that she’s planning to go there every Wednesday now. I suppose I could go anytime. The
bar is just around the corner from my place, after all.

the flower girl

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