Gunther had been in my kindergarten class and was also in three years after that before his Mum decided that school was ruining her precious little boy, so she decided to home-school him. Gunther disappeared from our lives in school but for me he was that curious, ugly boy that lived next door and who never really played outside much. His Mum was strict and kept an iron fist on his every move but I gave it no thought for ten years until I began to notice he was watching me from his room looking at me in my bedroom daily.

Now, Gunther had grown from a small strange looking stick boy of seven into a tall lanky slightly greasy boy of seventeen with a mop of long hair that hid his pimples efficiently and he always wore black leather jackets with dark clothing. He never really hung outdoors much but whenever I did see him I was slightly repulsed but yet intrigued about how he spent his days with a mum that controlled so tight.

His disheveled appearance was not a great turn on but still once I saw that he was watching me daily, I found myself a little wanton in desire to give him a thrill. My experiences with boys to this point was nothing more than heavy panting sessions behind school dumpsters and a few quick desperate gropes from them.

So, it began innocent enough. He’d be watching and I’d undress down to my panties in my room and then wrap a towel around to undress the rest of the way for a shower. I’d leave the room and come back after my bath wearing just a bra and underwear. I saw him watching and soon noticed he’d found a pair of binoculars to see closer into my room. I began finding myself enjoying our exchange though I noticed when we met outdoors by the garbage that he could not look me in the eye and seemed to hide his erection often behind his hands. Myself, I found I was getting excited and wet anticipated what I could tease him with next.

All was going great until one afternoon my own mum told me that she was running low on sugar for her cake recipe and asked me in desperation if I would go ask Gunther’s mum for two cups worth. He answered the door and we both just stared at each other. I asked him what Mum wanted and he nodded and I followed him to the kitchen. He poured the sugar and then cleared his throat as he handed it to me.

“You know I watch?”

I nodded slowly unsure what next would be said. I could feel my heart beating faster and I felt wet warmth seeping in.
He walked over to me and stroked my cheek. I felt several emotions at once in that single touch. Revulsion was there, he was a strange guy but what was winning was the desire. And what power there was in that!!! OMG.

He led me by the hand and whispered “Mom is not home. Show me more and we’ll call this thing even.”

We went upstairs and he began kissing me slowly as we entered his bedroom. I saw his binoculars sitting there to watch me but now I was here and he was going to take care of it all. I let him lead. Our kisses rained deeper than I could imagine and our lovemaking became passionate and exquisite.

Now, we meet at his house about once a week for fun and adventure and I know that he is watching me at night in my room and he gets a show quite often. The revulsion is gone once I found out his tool really knew how to work great. My secret nerd next door is forever my secret sex buddy.


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