A few years ago when I was still in college, I had a friend that was a great singer and used to give some shows at night in a bar close to the University. Because we were friends I always tried to attend her shows. In one of those occasions the show was supposed to start at 10 pm and I got out from my last class at 6 so I had a lot of time to kill before the show.

It just happened that a friend of my friend was also going to the show so I didn’t had to be alone. We didn’t really knew each other that well we had only talked twice and that had been because we had a common friend, so when my singer friend suggested that we killed some time together I was reluctant…

I was kind of shy back then so spending time with a semi stranger was not appealing at all, but since the suggestion was made in front of both of us it’s not like I was going to say to her face “I rather wait alone”. There was also the fact that she was absolutely beautiful short, brown curly hair, green eyes, perky breasts and an amazing body. So since our mutual friend suggested it we went out for dinner and actually had a great time. She was fun and talked a lot and I quickly forgot my shyness.

After dinner we got back to my car and I drove us back to the very dark parking lot behind our college. Because it was still 9pm we still had one more hour to wait so we decided to stay in the car, listening to the radio and having a chat.

After a little while, she leaned over to my side and kissed me. We started making out and I felt her hand grab mine and get it under her clothes and grabbing her amazing boobs. I started to get hard right away… I don’t know if she saw that or not but her hand drifted to my pants and started them against me. She must have liked what she was feeling because she then started to unbutton my pants. It was just too good to believe, my brain kind of shutdown because it couldn’t make sense of what was happening. She then reached under my boxer shorts, grabbed my now completely hard dick and pulled it out. She stroked it a few times and then she leaned more towards me, and more, and more and suddenly I was inside her mouth. She was amazing at it!

I was totally lost in my mind just enjoying the moment when the headlights and then the engine noise of another car shook me off of it. For the first time the idea hit me, I’m getting a blow job from a near stranger in a public place. As if to confirm that the car parked right by our side and 2 girls came out of it. I avoided eye contact, and my friend was enjoying my cock so much that she didn’t even stopped to take a look. The girls left (I have no idea if they saw anything or not) and we were alone again so I leaned back and enjoyed.

After a few minutes it was too much to take anymore and my lady friend spoke for the first time since it all started “tell me before you come” and she continued with doubled enthusiasm. After like a minute I was ready “I’m coming” she took it out of her mouth and stroked it as I exploded, most of the cum went on my shirt and she continued to stroke slowly to get every drop out of me.

When she did, she started sucking me again and swallowed all the cum.
“You got your shirt dirty” she said smiling.
I ended up going to the show with my leather jacket all zipped up and no shirt underneath, but it was worth it…


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