As a broke university student working two jobs, having enough money to eat for an entire month and not have to worry about my bills is a huge load off my plate. At one point I was so skint I was working three jobs but it was exhausting, there was no point pushing myself that much just to fail so I quit and hoped I could manage.

I’d thought about working for a phone sex agency or something similar that would pay well, but I’m really shy and would probably turn into a babbling mess. I’m an English student but my university has a large range of courses, and I noticed a flyer for live models one day, for the photography students and for the art class. I wasn’t sure which one was more intimidating. I called the number to enquire about both, but in the end the photographer won because there were one-to-one sessions available for a higher rate of pay, I could earn twice as much in an hour session than I did I in two shifts at work.

I met with a guy called Henry at a local coffee shop, he was a total nerd, but in the most adorable way. He brought his camera’s and animatedly explained about his projects and what he wanted me to do. He had such a passion for it that I couldn’t help but get excited too.

I met with him a week later in his apartment, he lived in a large open planned loft with huge windows and it was everything I expected from a photography student.

We chatted for a while until we finally got down to business, I undressed in his bathroom as took a few deep breaths. I pulled on my dressing gown which I’d brought for a small amount of modesty, after all, Henry had been clear it was a nude photoshoot.

At first I was nervous, but Henry did his best to make me feel comfortable, and the compliments flew from his lips and gave me a confidence that I wasn’t aware I possessed. The poses were pretty standard for a while, I sat in his window seat and stared out at the sky, I stood in various pretty poses and followed whatever instruction Henry gave me. They eventually got more intimate and I could tell he was aroused from watching me. He kept asking if it was okay and I nodded and told him it was. He made me feel so powerful, I could see how much he wanted me.

Eventually the camera was forgotten. He fucked me against one of his large windows, my hands played on the glass. I thought I might feel bad taking the cash from him after that but I didn’t. He still calls me and we meet often for a repeat. He says I’m the best model he’s ever had.


Photo Source: Lowbird

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