I work for Mom at the candy store in the mall. My name is Wilhelmina but everyone just calls me Billie. Mom got this store with every last penny she got in the settlement when Daddy died in the war and it’s her pride and joy. The day I turned 16, I was recruited to run the register while she ran the back.

Everything was smooth sailing until the day we got robbed. It was a failing mall anyway, in a hick town in Kentucky, which no tourist ever heard about. No one cared about our little part of the world but we made enough to survive. Mom was well known for her over the top promotions at Easter and Halloween. She made sure no kid ever went without treats but we were struggling. Our in the black was so marginal that it didn’t ensure us much in food on our plates but we kept our heads up.

Then, one day, he came in. Dressed in black with silver accents, a true Goth I recognized from school. A fantasy from my burgeoning sexual awakening, there stood Deyvi, a Mexican-American from the wrong side of the tracks. Deyvi was the very thing that sex dreams are made of, hard bodied and fluid in ways that bodies should move… he was all that I envisioned up close.

I knew the rumors though. His story was more hard luck than ours. His father had left him and his mom about four years ago and they struggled. His story was known around school and how he had supplemented their coffer with money in drugs. In my undercover groping at night alone, I envisioned a softer side to him that just did it to survive. I was more right than I knew before this day.

He stood in my shop on a Saturday morning. There was no overcrowding in the mall; it was another slow day in June. Initially I smiled at him but then became worried when I saw the gleam in his eyes. He drew his gun and had me empty the drawer quickly and without any preamble. I gave it up while pleading silently for my life. Then he took the gun and came close. He rubbed it along my jawbone in the most seductive move of my life and said “No offense, babe. Just got to survive.” I nodded in silence and later that night, my mother and I counted out the damage. We were out about $500 and it was a loss but we were able to rest a bit knowing that we’d be okay overall.

That night though, I heard a stone thrown at my window while I was lying in bed. I opened it to find Deyvi underneath. He stood there looking up at me and I swear I saw tears glisten in the moonlight. I went down to the back door unafraid for some reason and opened it to him. He fell into my arms and cried. He held out a bag with $300 in it and said that he was sorry. It wasn’t all we’d lost but he’d seen something in me that was fear and pity and he knew that he was not in my league. He fell against me and he cried real tears and I couldn’t help it. I kissed his forehead and told him okay, relax. We’ll survive. I took him inside and gave him some cocoa and he held me tight. Then our passion began and he felt along my inner arm and touched the side of my breast. We began to make out and our bodies melded on the counter. He made love to me then taking me to passions I’d only fantasized about.

I can’t say it was a magical beginning. We edged our way through high school but continued fucking and learning a new way to be. On our graduation, he gave me the $200 deficit he owed us and moved away knowing he did us right. I will never forget that sometimes in life there are hard times to survive and what it taught me in passion.


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