The Surf Board

On September 17, 2014, in Dirty Little Secrets, Readers Own Stories, by admin

Hello there, I have this one interesting story to tell you all. I was visiting a nearby beach, since I always loved surfing there, and I took my old companion, yellow, my surfboard.

As I was on my way, I drove my car, until I reached an old cabin, where a friend of mine had a surf shop, right by the beach. I left my things there, and then I went surfing. While surfing, I met another surfer, good looking, and handsome. We got the same wave together, and I accidentally hit his board, with the tip of my board, it surely wasn’t on purpose, and so after the wave crashed, I went to apologize, I was really sorry, and I then we started to chat. In the end he forgave me, and we went together to the surf shop.

After that, my friend asked me to take care of the shop for him, because he needed to run some errands. So I and my new made friend stayed talking in the shop, he then suddenly started hitting on me, flirting, and I gave in. we started to make out, and have a great time, he pulled the stings from my bikini, and in seconds I was naked, then he kissed my neck while his hands slowly moved lower, one on my breast and the other in between my legs. Things started to get so hot in there that I had to lock up the shop and we went to the backdoor storage room. We had an incredible time, great oral sex, great tongue, and penetration, I was in ecstasy, and pleasured myself quite fast. After all that, in the end he gave me a present, a new surf board, and I nicknamed it sexy.


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