It was a rainy day and there wasn’t much going on, not many people around, and I was on my way home. I got in the train and sat down close to where a girl was sitting. There was no one there, apart from the two of us. She was a weird looking girl, and she was staring at me with this innocent look. She then suddenly started a conversation. I was trying to not give much information about my life to her, but she was so into the conversation that she sat by my side. As we talked, she started to tell me some horny stories and she showed me a video, she then suddenly touched my crotch and grabbing my dick. The video showed a naked girl getting banged by two guys, and then these three girls come in and start to lick each other. My dick got so hard that I got embarrassed, she noticed that and started to pull my pants down a bit, and started sucking my dick. She could suck so well that I actually came in her mouth quite fast. After that she swallowed it all up. I was in shock! Then she left as her train stop got near.


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