When vacation time comes we all dream of the romance on the beach, the long days of falling in love and sipping cocktails with the one person that will sweep you away forever.

Well, I didn’t get that dream to come true but oh I still walked away from Navarre Beach Florida with one heck of a memory. It was summer vacation early after senior year and I was down with some friends to have fun and there to try getting a nice tan for the rest of the season. Yeah, no that is not what happened. Certain things did not gel like I wanted. My “friends” were high school acquaintances and they were hooked up In couples and guess who was the chubby third wheel?

The beach fire was burning and the beer was dwindling and the couples were getting cozy but not I. I sat there with a mild buzz on and the sun was starting to set. It would be dark soon and I sat there listening to the crackling of the wind thinking that this blows. The sky was clear but there had been reports that a storm was coming but there was no sign at the time. I walked away from the fire finally and went to sit elsewhere looking up at the stars.

That’s when I saw him. This tall, dark hot lean running machine in the distance with a dog leading him on. If it had been a movie it would have been in slow motion. I blinked and thought well yeah he’s hot but that is never gonna happen. I wish I had a picture of this guy and thought about getting out my camera phone in my pocket but then, he disappeared around the curve of the beach and I hugged my knees and ended up going back to the hotel to rest walking under the boardwalk. I stopped to tie my shoes and carried on my way.

The following morning I awoke to the whistling of the wind whipping the hotel flagpoles outside and I bleakly looked out. The palm trees were bending in half and the sound was deafening. I reached for my shorts to get my phone and it was missing. I hadn’t seen it since the beach and I knew it had been in my pocket when I saw that guy. It must have fallen I thought to myself under the boardwalk. Hurricane is coming and I have to get to that boardwalk and hope it’s still there was my only thought. I ran down to the lobby. The concierge stopped me at the door. “Miss, you don’t want to go out there, not now. It’s getting bad.”

“I’ll only be 10 minutes. I’ll make it quick.”

I ran outside before he could say anything else. The wind grabbed me and I pulled my jacket around me. I sprinted down to the beach in about five minutes. That’s when I saw my phone and bent to pick it up that a huge gust had me falling on my face. I tried to sit up and sputter sand out of my mouth. I tucked my phone beneath my jacket into my bra strap for safe keeping and then suddenly all turned black. The sky let out a ferocious crack and lightning split the sky. The storm broke all hell around me. I scuttled further under the shorter part of the boardwalk and near got into the fetal position and wanted to cry. Then I heard the honeyed voice “Come to see the storm, beautiful?” I looked up and see the dream runner from the previous night. He was crouched down about five feet from me. He told me that he was a bit of a thrill seeker but may have taken on more than he bargained for as the lighting and thunder rose to a fever pitch. I yelped and began to cry. Three minutes pass and the wood above sounds like it’s going to crack on top of us. I don’t want to die. I certainly don’t want to die a virgin on a beach in Florida. Why that thought went through my head is beyond me. Whose life doesn’t flash before their eyes as you hear, no I worry about my precious membrane dividing me from child and adulthood. I screamed back at the wind in terror and my companion covered the distance to hold me tight. Not a word was spoken but he crooned murmurs in my ears to calm me. I looked up at him grateful and he crushed his mouth onto mine. WOW! Did not see that coming. He was gorgeous but I hoped I was not under here with a beautiful serial killer. Shit did he read my thoughts, he smiled at me and shouted over the thundering pounding “Hold me fast and tight! I won’t hurt you. Just don’t let go!” The sand was spraying over us and salt water droplets were coming from the beach down the way. I had no intention of letting him go. I was terrified and excited and thrilled in places I had only touched myself. We kissed deep holding tight to each other and that kiss brought the storm right into my head and down into my soft center. Next thing, I know I’m laying back against the tiniest space of boardwalk and he’s over me. He stroked down my chest and I allowed him to reach inside to tweak a hard nipple. His mouth sought it out and we began to rock against each other. His fingers strayed lower and he found my warmth under my shorts. My breathing intensified, all melted away at what was around us. The storm was dying but not my own personal one. When he entered me, I gasped, when he ripped my hymen I was ablaze with passion and momentary pain and then he plunged deep into my personal ocean and sailed me away. By the time we were done, the sun was trying to peek back out and the sand pile was utterly blocking our exit but we didn’t care. We lay there laughing and I eventually got his name and phone number. Brian Fallton, and a fake phone number that never worked and I didn’t see him the rest of the trip. We had two hours under the boardwalk and a hurricane climax that topped anything I could of dreamt of when thinking of losing my virginity. It was the best vacation ever!!!


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